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2011 Trudeau scholars offer insights on critical issues

by Shari Graydon

Our future is not so dire after all…  That’s how I felt at the end of the too-short session I led yesterday with 12 of the 14 PhD students who’ve been awarded the prestigious designation of “2011 Trudeau Scholars”.

The list of impressive activists being funded by the Trudeau Foundation is being released today but I got a sneak introduction to the students and their work while delivering an abbreviated version of the Informed Opinions workshop yesterday.

Intelligent, energetic and passionate, they’re researching a range of critically important issues about which they’re eager to have a more public voice. So I’m looking forward to reading their published commentary in the months and years to come… on the compatibility of environmental sustainability and economic development… on reducing homophobic persecution in Muslim communities… on the use of social media in making marginalized groups more visible… on our perceptions of citizens living with disability… on the desired balance between copyright and freedom of expression…

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