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Academica expands reach of Women in Science op ed

by Shari Graydon

Claire Cupples may be a distinguished microbiologist, and the Dean of Science at SFU, but she’s also a great student. Last Tuesday she participated in an Informed Opinions workshop at Simon Fraser University, and within 24 hours of being encouraged to contribute her insight and analysis to mainstream media, she had completed, submitted and had accepted by an editor her commentary about women in science.

Tuesday The Vancouver Sun published the piece, and today, the online compilation service, Academica, selected Dean Cupple’s op ed as one of its “top ten” higher education stories of the day, expanding the reach of her insights considerably in the process.

We’ve also posted the commentary on the Informed Opinions website, and we’re proud to be adding Claire’s photograph to the rotating “wall of fame” on our home page, supplementing the force of inspiration available to other women who haven’t yet made the leap from contemplating to engaging.

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