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A girl’s worth – letter to the editor

Globe and Mail by Rita Morbia 13 April 2016

Re Some Couples May Be Aborting Female Fetuses To Have Males (April 12): As an Indian-born woman with two daughters, I was appalled at the statistics on possible sex selection published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. I believe that my girls can do anything as well, if not better, than their male peers. However, patriarchy manifests itself in myriad ways around the globe. This is just another form. Canada should respond without promoting racial stereotypes or rolling back reproductive rights.

The federal government should increase funding for women’s rights organizations around the world, which are at the forefront of challenging sexist stereotypes and discriminatory social norms.

Canada spent $5.6-million in 2014 supporting women’s rights groups internationally (as reported to the OECD) – a drop in the bucket compared, for example, to Norway’s $156-million. Globally, our daughters deserve better.

Rita Morbia, executive director, Inter Pares