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Graduate Showcase 2010

The women with informed opinions that we’ve trained, inspired or supported have published hundreds of commentaries in daily newspapers and prominent online sites, generating additional interview requests and exposure as a result. Here are just some of the analyses they’ve contributed as a result:


Defeat of responsible mining bill is missed opportunity

The Globe and Mail by Penelope Simons and Audrey Macklin 3 November 2010

Last week’s defeat of Liberal MP John McKay’s Responsible Mining Act is in some ways unsurprising. The extractive industry is a large, wealthy and well-connected interest group, with prominent ex-politicians, including former Liberal Minister of International Trade Jim Peterson, among its lobbyists. What’s more surprising is how close the final vote was: 140-134.


The death of Ashley Smith: Prisons can’t handle the mentally ill

The Globe and Mail by Kim Pate 3 November 2010

I think of Ashley Smith every time I see a photograph of Margaret Trudeau, who’s been in the news lately due to the release of her most recent memoir. In it, the former prime minister’s wife courageously chronicles the devastating impact that her untreated mental illness had on her life.


Let’s have a ceasefire in question period

The Ottawa Citizen by Nancy Peckford 16 October 2010

As political figures go, Ralph Klein isn’t an obvious poster boy for the Persons Case, celebrated every year on Oct. 18 in honour of the day in 1929 when Canadian women were finally declared persons under the law. But I think he may actually have spoken for many women when he confessed upon retiring four years ago that politics was “a bloodsport” and “a young man’s game.”


Suffering in Silence

The Ottawa Citizen by Constance Backhouse 11 August 2010

I opened my newspaper last week to full-page spreads of dramatic news on the Robert Pickton serial murders. The Supreme Court had upheld the findings of guilt in the murders of six women. The Crown Attorney had stayed all charges on 20 others. Now that the interminable appeals had lumbered to completion, the press was free to divulge the details withheld earlier under the trial judge’s gag order.


Misogyny is deadly: Inequality makes women more vulnerable to being killed

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, July/August Newsletter by Elizabeth Sheehy July 2010

Misogyny kills. It’s that simple. Well, not quite. Actually it is men who kill women, but here in Canada they are aided and abetted by women’s inequality – social, political, legal and economic inequality.


Canada’s queer community needs to help persecuted sexual minorities

The Globe and Mail by Nicole LaViolette 22 July 2010

On a recent tour of the country to promote reforms to the refugee system, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney took the lesbian and gay community to task, urging them to “step up to the plate” and help resettle refugees facing persecution based on sexual orientation.


What’s in a name?

The Ottawa Citizen by Constance Backhouse 19 May 2010

Last week, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews sent out a trial balloon with his off-the-cuff suggestion that Canadians should rethink the name we use to describe sexual aggression.


Don’t fear the slippery slope

The Ottawa Citizen by Hilary Young, 1 May 2010

Opponents of assisted suicide argue that to legalize it under any circumstances would diminish the value that Canadians place on life itself.