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Study Shows Living Wage In St. John’s To Be $18.85 An Hour

VOCM with Christine Saulnier 09 May 2019

A new study shows that a full-time worker in St. John’s must earn $18.85 an hour in order to make a living wage.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released its latest report today. Report author Christine Saulnier, who works in the Nova Scotia office, says workers told them how hard it is to make ends meet with low wages and insufficient work hours.

Federation of Labour President Mary Shortall says employers who pay higher wages see the benefits through lower turnover, higher productivity and a better work environment.

The living wage for St. John’s took into account the costs of raising a family in the city, and assumes a healthy family of four with two children—one in full-time daycare and the other in after-school care—with two full-time wage earners in the house.

Christine Saulnier spoke with Paddy Daly on the VOCM Morning Show. Listen below: