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Local LGBTQ advocates pan provinces changes to sex-ed curriculum

CBC with Lyndsey Butcher 21 August 2019


Local LGTBQ advocates and sexual health advocates are panning changes to Ontario’s sex ed curriculum announced on Wednesday. 

Teaching gender identity in Grade 8, rather than Grade 6, is a “dreadful idea,” says Cait Glasson.

Glasson, who is president of the LGBTQ community space Spectrum Waterloo Region, says when she was a child, she knew at the age of four that she was a girl and not male.

Her parents punished her for saying so, and she had no way of looking up what she was going through because there was no word for it, she said.

“I literally didn’t have a word for what the experience I was having was,” she said.

“I don’t know if you ever tried to look up something when you don’t know what the word for it is but it’s really hard.”

It’s why Glasson says the province changing when students learn about gender identity, pushing it two years later to the end of Grade 8, is the wrong move.

“With trans-affirming care that’s available these days, kids can access puberty blockers, which will allow them to postpone their puberty until they’re, in the eyes of the medical establishment, old enough to make a choice about what puberty they want to have,” she said, adding age 13 is too late for that. 

Talking about consent

The province announced changes to the sexual education curriculum on Wednesday. The new curriculum revised the previous Liberal government’s curriculum, which was released in 2015.