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Violence under the microscope for YWCA Regina’s Week Without Violence.

CKRM with Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen 14 October 2019


Reginans will be participating in a national campaign this week to end violence in the community.

Today marks the beginning of YWCA Week Without Violence, aimed at recognizing and ending violence against all.

Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen, CEO of YWCA Regina, said the more we look at the crisis violence brings to our community, the more we have to look at ways to prevent it.

One solution is through education for both girls and boys discussing what it looks like to live in a community that is violence-free and how to treat each other with a level of respect. Locally, the organization will be hosting a Power of Being You conference on Tuesday.

“We do this every year for high school students where we talk to them about healthy masculinity, consent culture, healthy relationships and just some of the statistics around violence,” said Coomber-Bendtsen.

She added how it’s really important to continue that kind of education with young people so the public can make a change to the statistics.

Saskatchewan has the highest rate of intimate partner violence in Canada.

“It’s double the national average. In Regina specifically, the sexual assault rates are increasing while all other violent crimes are decreasing. That stat remains high.”

The YWCA will also be posting information and educational pieces on social media using the hashtag #weekwithoutviolence2019.

Melissa Coomber-Bendtsen is the CEO of YWCA Regina.