Our Resources

These resource materials, used in Informed Opinions workshops, complement the delivered content and provide follow-up assistance to participants in:

  • completing their commentaries
  • submitting them for publication
  • becoming more efficient communicators
  • keeping their arguments accessible
  • enhancing their ability to engage and persuade
  • preparing for media interviews
  • getting the most out of media appearances

Above all, a commentary must be a clear, focused and well-supported argument. It must express a strong opinion and demonstrate through concrete examples, data, precedent or research that the opinion is based on credible and authoritative sources. If, in addition, the writing is lively and vivid, so much the better.

Additional information about writing and pitching op eds is available on the Informed Opinions blog.

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Op Ed Elements

“Op ed” is an abbreviation of “opposite the editorial”; the term refers to the page of a newspaper placed immediately… a


Engaging Openers

Whether you’re trying to convince an editor to run your op ed or persuade readers to keep reading, a lively opening helps. The following examples offer…


Editors’ Advice

When assessing whether or not to run your piece or someone else’s, editors question:

Authority: What imbues your opinion with credibility? If you don’t already have an established name…


Submitting Commentary

Email is the easiest and most common way to contact a publication, program or site to which you’d like to contribute. But the quick and casual medium of communication…


Turning Media Requests into Opportunities

Many female experts routinely decline to give media interviews for a variety of reasons: they may already feel over-committed and believe the time invested won’t…


Building Relationships with Reporters and Columnists

As an expert in your field with the ability to provide context and perspective to a range of topics covered in the media, you can take pro-active measures to…


Editor’s Emails

We endeavour to keep a list of editors’ email addresses and their desired word counts current…


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