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Open Workshops

Overcoming Unconscious Bias for Improved Organizational Performance

November 27 2017 
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
340 Albert St, Suite 1900, Ottawa
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November 28 2017 
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
340 Albert St, Suite 1900, Ottawa
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Informed Opinions, in partnership with the Talent Strategy Institute, is hosting two half-day workshops on overcoming entrenched bias in the workplace in Ottawa on November 27 and 28.

Kim Stephens, co-founder of Talent Strategies Institute, is a global expert in workplace inclusion strategies for improved performance and business outcomes. For more than 20 years, she developed procedures and executive training programs for IBM leaders and business units around the world. She is now training executives across the US and Canada.

Diverse teams challenge stale ways of thinking and sharpen performance. Learn how to break entrenched organizational thinking and overcome unconscious bias pitfalls for better business outcomes and improved performance. Join Kim for an exclusive half-day, evidenced-based executive training session. Learn how to overcome unconscious bias, avoid errors in strategic leadership, retain talent and growth, and improve your organizational leadership.


Media Interview Skills
November 23 2017
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
111d Queen Street East, Toronto

Building on participants’ past experiences, this workshop provides practical tools to enhance their capacity to turn media interview requests into education or advocacy opportunities, becoming more effective at crafting and delivering their key messages. Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding journalists’ context and the demands of different media;
  • Preparing for interviews (print/broadcast, friendly/hostile, long/short, live/taped);
  • Crafting engaging, concise and quotable messages;
  • Bridging from asked questions to important issues and more nuanced context;
  • Translating abstract issues into compelling stories and accessible analogies.

Lunch will be provided. (Please advise of any allergies or food sensitivities.)

The workshop is available on a sliding scale: the $400 (+hst) registration fee is dropped to $300 for women working in the non-profit sector at an organization with 10 people or more, and $200 if employed by an NGO with fewer than 10 people or self-employed.

This workshop is sold out.

If you’re interested in future sessions, please let us know.