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Canadian election: Desperately seeking informed opinions

by Shari Graydon

The writ hasn’t even dropped yet and already I’m incensed at election commentary and political claims that in no way qualify as “informed opinions”. A few samples:

  • Conservative House Leader John Baird in Question Period yesterday claiming that a majority of Canadians voted for the current government. (No, Mr. Baird, they didn’t. A majority voted for the other three parties.)
  • CBC TV during last night’s political panel posting the explanatory on-screen slug, “Iggy dodges coalition question”. (“Iggy”? Really? Will “Stevie” and “Jackie” be next?)
  • Kevin O’Leary in a brief interview with Heather Hiscox this morning referring to the NDP as “dark and evil”. (What about such a statement qualifies as analysis?)
  • The Globe and Mail’s front page “how the campaigns are shaping up” election story telling us about which party’s bus will feature their leaders’ photographs. (Do we care? Or would civic engagement be more likely to flow from coverage of policies and their impact?)

Consider this my plea to all Informed Opinions grads – and anyone else who cares about the future of Canada and can articulate a well-supported evidence-based argument on a subject of genuine importance – to weigh in over the next 38 days.

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