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Effective treatment beats “tough on crime” rhetoric

by Shari Graydon

Tucked into the centre of  an op ed in the print version of today’s Globe and Mail on how women can use mat leave to enhance their career prospects is side bar encouraging readers to visit the Globe online to read an additional opinion piece by longtime Executive Director of the Coalition for Elizabeth Fry Societies, Kim Pate. It’s worth checking out.

With almost three decades of experience as a prisoner advocate who’s probably spent as much time behind bars in the service of her work than many inmates have serving their terms, Kim knows of what she speaks. And today she marshals compelling evidence in support of what ought to be obvious by now: prisons are a costly and ineffective default for the mentally ill.

The Globe’s new format and focus on themed series makes competition for space on the op ed page more intense than ever. But given the increasing number of readers who access their news online, having a plug in the print edition and profile on the site still offers great profile.

Informed Opinions appreciated the opportunity to support Kim in bringing attention to this issue.

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