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Gloria Steinem: modesty and priceless advice

by Shari Graydon

In the about-to-be-broadcast HBO documentary, In Her Own Words, subject and feminist role model Gloria Steinem  encourages young women to “Listen to the voice inside you and follow that.”

And then – demonstrating her critical awareness of the serious limitations of celebrity culture and her own iconic stature, she observes: 

“The primary thing is not that (young women) know who I am, but that they know who they are.”

For me, writing – wrestling ideas and ideals into words – has always been one of the most effective ways of getting clear about who I am. And managing to craft feelings and perceptions into sentences that speak my truth and connect it to the bigger picture is one of those activities that constitutes its own reward. If I then have the opportunity to share those words with others – on newspaper commentary pages, in personal letters or on a blog like this – so much the better.

Gloria: In Her Own Words premiers Monday, August 15th at 9 pm on HBO. 

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