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Hacked Informed Opinions website temporarily offline

by Shari Graydon

On Thursday last week, Informed Opinions discovered that our website had been hacked. As a consequence, we’ve had to take it offline temporarily while we fix the problem.

Our apologies to all of those who wish to make use of our media relations and writing resources, access the many wonderful op eds that have been published by the impressive women who’ve participated in our workshops, or simply learn more about what we’re doing to build women’s leadership and bridge the gender gap in public discourse.

We hope to have the site back up by early next week.

In the meantime, at last week’s workshop at Mount Royal University in Calgary, we had a lively discussion about the backlash that often greets women when they speak up and attract attention — especially if they’re advocating for equity issues. Policy Studies prof, Lori Williams offered the following testimonial about her own sense of obligation, despite the backlash:

As a white, tenured, educated, published and supported woman, I feel the weight of privilege. I’m not going to let Anita Sarkesian hang out there all by herself.

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