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Write compelling commentary – Do this

  1. Identify a topic on which you can offer a unique and informed perspective.
  2. Consider attending an Informed Opinions Workshop.
  3. Consider who you most want to influence, and which news media outlet is most likely to help you reach them.
  4. Find out what their commentary criteria are, search their site to see what, if anything, they’ve recently included on the same topic, and ensure you’re familiar with the kind of material they publish.
  5. Write, applying and adapting the 5-step approach we teach to crafting a compelling commentary.
  6. Solicit feedback from someone who knows or cares little about the topic to ensure it’s clear and interesting.
  7. Submit article to a local, or national media outlet, an industry or corporate newsletter, or other platform (See list of editors’ emails here).
  8. Repeat.

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