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Op ed delivers radio profile, SRO attendance and new partnership

by Shari Graydon

Any good political organizer knows that it’s always better to have a standing-room-only crowd in a small room than a sparse audience in a half-empty big one. Fortunately for Informed Opinions, some great media profile turned our public lecture and panel discussion at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University last week into a “we need more chairs!” event.

The op ed I’d written for The Vancouver Sun the week before played a big role in creating more interested attendees than we had seats. And its appearance in the paper generated two radio interview requests, which helped drive even more people to the evening event. Those who showed up were responsive and engaged.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, where the same commentary also appeared in The Citizen, a subsequent CBC radio appearance inspired supportive tweets and an enthusiastic call from some scholars at Carleton University, eager to book a workshop.

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