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The Tyee delivers…

by Shari Graydon

Simon Fraser University education professor Ozlem Sensoy rose to the challenge last week of submitting a commentary just as summer vacation began in earnest. (As I pointed out in a recent email, many columnists take holidays in the summer, leaving more space in many newspapers for unsolicited op eds.)

Ozlem’s incentive to act quickly was the news hook offered by the end of the school year. As the co-author of a media literacy text, she wanted to offer some advice to parents as to how manage kids’ greater access to screen time once school lets out.

Her piece was explicitly critical of corporate media, and had a “how to” tone – both of which made it less likely to be picked up by a major daily newspaper. However, proliferating online news sources give opinionators lots of options these days, and The Tyee – an independent online daily magazine based in BC – snapped it up.

As Editor David Beers explained when he launched the site, which actively supports solution-oriented journalism, The Tyee operates on the principle that many people

are hungry for news and comment that reflects their actual lives, their own values.

A consciously progressive alternative, it offers breaking news, investigative reporting and informed analysis. And, as with other news sites, you can sign up for a daily email newsletter.

On Friday, that newsletter delivered Ozlem Sensoy’s commentary – prominently featured in the subject line and appearing at the top of the page – to tens of thousands of readers.

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