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Timely op ed challenges public subsidy misinformation campaign

by Shari Graydon

Ever since the question of discontinuing the per-vote public subsidy of political parties was raised by Stephen Harper in 2008 – those tuned in to federal politics will know that it was this proposal that triggered our last election – I’ve wanted to read a clear and authoritative explanation of exactly how the subsidy works. Now I have.

On the weekend, Kathleen Cross, SFU lecturer in political communication and the woman who organized Informed Opinions’ most recent NGO workshop in Vancouver, submitted an accessible commentary on this very subject. Her argument was timely, readable and compelling – so much so that Sun editor, Fazil Mihlar had it posted on his paper’s website within a few hours, where you can read it now.

I knew nothing about the subsidy prior to 2008, and the impression I formed on the basis of how it was described by the Conservatives was profoundly at odds with the explanation provided by Kathleen.

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