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Victoria workshops keep generating results

by Shari Graydon

Three weeks after Informed Opinions delivered two workshops in Victoria, the ripples continue…

University of Victoria Economics prof, Elisabeth Gugl is quoted extensively in an article in the Canadian University Press on the upside to British Columbians of the HST.

Kelly Newhook, Executive Director of Together Against Poverty, responded to a feature article in Victoria’s weekly publication, Monday Magazine by calling the reporter responsible to give her background on TAP and offer to provide context and data for future pieces. She describes the reporter as having been “very responsive”. Kelly then wrote a letter to the editor and encouraged three of her organization’s board members to do the same, and all four letters were published, providing readers of the magazine with a lot more relevant information.

President of the Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association, Tara Ehrcke, had a letter published a few days after the workshop, and has since written an interesting piece exploring the teachable moments available to teachers courtesy of the protests in Egypt.

And Maneesha Deckha’s commentary has generated seven additional interview requests to date, two of them on local TV. But even though she admitted to being one of those scholars who routinely deleted interview requests she received by email due to her busy schedule, she feels that the time she invested in sharing her knowledge was well worth the effort.

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