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Want to be paid for your organizational finesse?

by Shari Graydon



  • LOVE applying your mania for detail and order to good use;
  • KNOW your way around Excel spreadsheets and Constant Contact’s database management system;
  • ARE EFFICIENT at updating web sites (Drupal, WordPress or Weebly);
  • WELCOME part-time work you can do from home on your own schedule; and
  • WOULD FIND MEANING in contributing your skills to an innovative non-profit initiative working to amplify women’s voices to improve social equality.

You would be working directly with Informed Opinions’ founder and Catalyst, Shari Graydon who:

  • APPRECIATES the importance of good administrative support that ensures financial, evaluation and client documents are kept organized, but
  • RECOGNIZES these are not her strengths;
  • NEEDS between 5 – 15 hours of assistance (less in the summer and over Christmas, more between October and May); and
  • IS ABLE TO PAY up to $25/hour for speedy, reliable and efficient help.

Interested? Please contact shari (at)

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