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Who’s afraid of public intellectuals?

by Shari Graydon

Yesterday at the Worldviews Pre-Conference on Media & Higher Education, Megan Boler, professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE, gave a great presentation called Towards Public Intellectualism and Civic Curiosity. In it she made a compelling case for the social obligation that she and her academic colleagues have to share the knowledge they are paid to study and think about more broadly.

The afternoon session was designed as an appetizer for the main course: a three-day conference being held in Toronto from June 16-19th, featuring an impressive roster of international speakers and panels, exploring the intersection of media and the academy in themes such as research and science journalism, the media as a driver of higher education policy, and new media technology.

Held at MaRS and attended by about three dozen scholars, journalists and various players who mediate between them, yesterday’s mini-conference was a highly-interactive and engaging experience. I’m guessing that the June event will be equally stimulating and valuable.

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