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Women Make News

by Shari Graydon

Amy Willard Cross, a former editor at Chatelaine magazine, runs a collaborative blog called “Women Make News” which is designed to “encourage more women to engage in the public debate” – the same goal as Informed Opinions itself. She provides an online forum that showcases editorials, opinion pieces, articles and first person journalism by women and about women.

It’s a great idea, and deserves more profile and support.

One recent post, by Cynthia Dunsford, an MLA from PEI, makes a persuasive case for retaining the long form Canadian Census as a critical tool for measuring women’s unpaid work.

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  1. Deborah Hanscom says:

    Until our society recognizes the value of unpaid work done by women and compensates them appropriately, ‘equality’ is just an idea not reality. There are many ways to design and phase in a fair scheme of payment, but the discussion must begin.

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