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Women scientists urged to speak up

by Shari Graydon

Further to my previous post about the Science Media Centre, executive director Penny Park alerted me to a passionately argued piece published yesterday in Nature News. American cell biologist Jennifer Rohn takes up Informed Opinions’ own cause in making the case for why women scientists must speak out.

In the process, she reminds scholars that the “I’m not the best person” excuse (used much more frequently by women experts than men) doesn’t hold much water:

keep in mind that, to the media and its audience, you don’t have to be an eminent professor to have a valuable opinion — any PhD student or postdoc is miles ahead of the public in terms of scientific knowledge… don’t be afraid to stray from your specialized niche of research expertise: if you are reasonably well read on a general topic, your opinion will still be useful.

Words to live — and comment! — by.

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