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Would more female commentators and politicians deliver better gun control?

by Shari Graydon

Two female members of Congress are sponsoring separate gun control bills in the US right now, and a report this week by Women’s eNews underlines the extent to which the matter is a woman’s issue – at least in the sense that women are the strongest and most vocal advocates.

Which raises the question: if more women contributed commentary and analysis to the public discourse, appearing on talk shows, writing op eds – let alone running for elected office – might not the US have stronger anti-gun legislation and enforcement already?

I think so.

If speaking up against guns is characterized as not only un-American, but also unmanly, it’s not surprising that more male pontificators don’t come out swinging at firearms policies that facilitate the kind of carnage witnessed in Tucson earlier this year. But if women — who are not as easily cowed by such criticism — had closer to an equal share of the air time and column inches, chances are the NRA wouldn’t be able to dominate the debate as effectively as they have.

I’m just saying…

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