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Tracking the gender gap in Canadian media

Mind the (gender) gap: Big data with impact

Organization aims to increase number of expert Newfoundland women quoted in media 

Researchers are tracking the media’s gender gap 

Looking at the Gender Gap 

Gender balance in the media still a global problem 

Gender Gap Tracker shows inequality in quoting male and female experts 

SFU partners with nonprofit to track gender representation in news story sources 

Gender Gap Tracker 

New tool tracks gender representation in Canadian news sources 

Just the Facts Ma’am: A New Gender Gap Tracker Will Reveal Some Hard Truths 

Tracking the gender gap in Canadian media 

Kielburgers: Gender parity in columns could be, will be better 

Spencer: Monsef, marches, misogyny – where do women go now?  

New database seeks to amplify women’s voices in the media 


Conversations that Matter: For women in media, it’s still a Man’s world    

We need more women’s voices in the news: Public Editor 

Another dreadful reason some women don’t want to do TV 

When it comes to women in media, let’s #AskHerMore 

Expert in communication and gender issues visits UDP 

We talked with the founder of “Informed Opinions” 

U of C conference encourages women to speak up 

Fortney: Women experts weigh in on U.S election, gender issues in public life 

The double standard women face in politics and business 

Shari Graydon talks about vocal fry on CP24  

Counting Canada’s Women Political Columnists on One Hand 

Women in news appear infrequently as experts: ex-journalist 

Women missing from university leadership 

Non-profit group relaunches campaign for gender neutral national anthem 

Speaking out – Women academics (not) in the media 

Discussion on The Agenda: when it comes to gender representation in media, do we need binders full of women? 

Female Media, Fully Clothed  

Improving women’s participation in the public discourse 

Shari Graydon on Studio 4 

Are “Binders Full of Women” Needed? 

Five Questions for Shari Graydon 

English: Where are women’s opinions? 

Look Who’s Talking? Shari Graydon and Informed Opinions  

Shari Graydon’s op eds 

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