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Funders & Major Donors


Informed Opinions would like to thank Women and Gender Equality Canada for its capacity building funds.



Informed Opinions would like to thank Canadian Women’s Foundation for its Investment Readiness support.


Major Donors

Roslyn Bern
President, Leacross Foundation 

As President of the Leacross Foundation, Roslyn has been creating opportunities for women and girls throughout Canada for over 20 years. She has focused on developing scholarships and bursaries for girls in under-represented career fields. She has served on the board of the Canadian Women’s Foundation as well as their Economic Development Committee to move women out of poverty.


 Shirley Greenberg

Shirley Greenberg has been betting on women’s equality for decades. A beloved trailblazer, Shirley Greenberg established the first all-female law practice back in the 1970s, was instrumental in work leading to the creation of the National Association of Women and the Law (NAWL), the Rape Crisis Centre and Interval House; set up a prestigious Chair at the University of Ottawa in Women and the Legal Profession; and helped fund the Shirley E Greenberg Women’s Health Centre.


Nancy Ruth

Before being appointed to the Senate in 2005, Nancy Ruth was a social activist and philanthropist. She founded several women’s organizations in Canada, including the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, the Canadian Women’s Foundation and a women’s studies chair at Mount Saint Vincent University. She has been a noted benefactor of hospitals and art galleries throughout Canada, and was named a member of the Order of Canada in 1994. She has long battled for women’s constitutional rights.

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