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Do you remember when a conference full of all-male panels was the norm?

Today it’s widely seen as a failure of imagination, with many invitees refusing to participate unless diverse views are included.

With the support of donors like you, we’re working to expand the scope of that change, to remind the news media that in 2020, it’s unacceptable to continue quoting and featuring male sources more than 70% of the time.

 The absence of women’s voices has significant consequences for what’s considered normal and important, what gets prioritized and funded. You can help shift the emphasis, to ensure our daughters’ voices are as valued and included in Canadian society as our sons’.

Informed Opinions has made a measurable difference, training and motivating women to engage with media, making them easier for journalists to find, motivating media to better reflect a diversity of perspectives. Your donation will allow you to play a part in making that happen.

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As a charitable organization, we offer tax receipts to supporters who recognize that seeing and hearing from more female role models will make Canada more equitable and democratic.

Your support helps us to:

  • $2,000 – deliver a workshop to an underfunded women’s organization enabling them to influence change through public discourse
  • $1,000 – provide 8 women with a Writing Compelling Commentary workshop with detailed editing feedback on their draft commentaries
  • $500 – offer a webinar for women in remote locations so their voices can be heard
  • $250 – train one marginalized woman to share her informed opinion more broadly
  • $100 – provide tech power for the expert women database for a month to ensure news media can diversify their sources
  • $50 – amplify one woman’s voice by including her in the expert women database

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