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Thanks to our inspirational Amplifiers, Informed Opinions can continue to do the important work needed to help amplify the voices of women and gender-diverse people across Canada. Their generous gifts allow us to:

  • Keep our Experts Database up to date so that journalists can easily access their informed opinions on almost every subject.
  • Advocate for women’s equal representation in politics to promote systems-level change that ensures women hold a #BalanceOfPower in Canada.
  • End the #ToxicHush of online hate and promote regulation that will make bad actors and platforms that facilitate abuse more accountable. 

A pledge to give is the most effective gift of all.  It allows us to properly plan and execute campaigns and strategies that bring our vision to fruition.  

Our Amplifiers have committed to gifts of $1000+ per year.  

If you would like to become an Amplifier, simply use the form below to make your donation or contact:   (You’ll be able to change your denomination or cancel a pledge at any time, no strings attached).



A BIG thank you to the following Amplifiers for supporting our work!

Anne Mahon


Nancy McCain


Imogen Coe


Alison Jeffrey

Erica Shuttleworth


Shari Graydon


Tina Sarellas


Suhayya Abu-Hakima

Sharon Avery


Jennifer Laidlaw


David Mitchell


Margaret Newall