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Helping journalists, producers and conference planners find the female guests, speakers and expert sources they need.

Become/Nominate an Expert

Making ‘we couldn’t find any expert women’ obsolete!

Amplifying your own voice or nominating other women able to offer informed opinions will help journalists and conference programmers ensure that women’s voices are reflected in public conversations. Vibrant public discourse depends on diverse and reliable sources.

Expert sources whose ideas are featured and disseminated can exert greater impact on society’s policies and priorities. Your informed opinions will have more opportunity to help shape public attitudes and determine how governments spend tax dollars.

Women’s voices needed

Despite the fact that women constitute 61% of university graduates and are successful in many previously male-dominated fields, their voices in opinion media remain outnumbered by a factor of more than 2 to 1 (see recent research). And because they remain under-represented politically, their perspectives and priorities are already less likely to be reflected in government decisions at all levels. This absence undermines democracy and denies Canada access to the analysis and ideas of many of its best and brightest.