#ToxicHush Campaign


We’re a national nonprofit amplifying the voices of women and gender-diverse people to make Canada fairer and more democratic. We have successfully supported thousands to speak up, be heard and make change.

BUT now online hate is eroding equality gains that took decades to achieve.

Women in all our diversity are being driven from public conversations and crucial fields of influence. That harms all of us. Because women’s realities and concerns, our insights and solutions, must be integrated into and help shape policies and priorities.


The work we’re doing to fight online hate: 

A Peoples’ Tribunal: Every Woman’s Right to Speak Free from Online Hate 


This Peoples’ Tribunal makes clear that responsibility for addressing this problem cannot lie with the women being targeted. 
Five women of diverse backgrounds speak to the nature of the online abuse they experience, the broader implications it has had on their lives, and their strategies and resilience in dealing with malicious intrusions and threats. 

Their testimonies and the analysis of an expert witness from Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) conclusively demonstrate that social media platforms must change.

Highly respected “citizen judges”  provide guidance, critical validation and legal opinions to be used for advocacy and public awareness.

Read the report here

Lire le repport ici (en français)


#ToxicHush Survey Study

Have you experienced online hate?

We’re documenting the real-life impacts of online hate.

We need a critical mass of evidence to pressure governments and social media platforms to make the changes necessary so every woman can speak free from online hate.

One person’s experience is easy to dismiss. But, data shared by thousands paints a powerful picture that’s impossible to ignore.

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Toxic Hush Action Kit

Toxic Hush Action Kit

This action kit was created as an urgent response to the silencing of voices already chronically under-represented in public conversations.

In developing the resource, we sought advice from experts from historically-excluded communities on how to support more people from their communities to be heard. This kit aims to help those who’ve been attacked online. 

Access the #ToxicHush Action Kit


YOU can be part of the solution to ending online hate. 

Your donation will ensure continued research, data collection and policy change are possible.  Together, we can amplify the voices of women and gender-diverse people!