Circle of Experts

Circle of Experts by Sarah Whalen-Lunn

“The galactic imagery in this work suggests the infinite knowledge that lives within us. The lived experience of these four women is valid and theirs to share.” – Sarah Ayaqi Whalen – Lunn (she/her) is an Inuk artist based out of Anchorage

Indigenous women and gender diverse people must be heard on their own terms. Your voice can change the conversation.

The Informed Opinions Circle of Experts helps the media achieve gender balance in their stories by connecting them with Indigenous women and gender diverse people with professional and personal expertise. The circle is a tool for the media to find voices that can add value to people’s understanding of their stories. There’s no limit to the number of rich perspectives needed from First Nations, Inuit, and Métis women, as well as other women with a story to tell.

We’re seeking Indigenous women and gender diverse people across industries and with professional and personal expertise to join our Circle of Experts.

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Informed Opinions is a Canadian non-profit with a mandate to amplify the voices of women living in Canada, or Canadian women living elsewhere. Recognizing that many traditional territories span the USCanada border, we welcome the inclusion of Indigenous people from those areas in the Informed Opinions Circle of Experts.