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“It’s not about you”

by Shari Graydon

Will Dena McMartin’s recent op ed in the Regina Leader-Post help prevent a flooding disaster and save lives?

It just might.

And even if it doesn’t, the informed analysis of the University of Regina professor of environmental systems engineering offered citizens valuable and timely information about her city’s pending spring thaw.

At the same time, its existence underlines one of the key messages of the workshops and guest lectures Informed Opinions delivers:

“It’s not about you.”

Because we’ve found that’s the best way to motivate educated, articulate, expert women who decline media interview requests because they don’t cherish the limelight or want to be seen as promoting themselves.

First we invite them to share some of the specific changes they’d like to see in the world. Then, after we’ve filled a whiteboard with their goals for greater social equity, better environmental sustainability, and more comfortable footwear (ok, that’s just me), we point out that media engagement is one way to amplify their voices, increase their power, and make it easier for them to bring about the changes they seek.

Being reminded of the bigger picture — the potential for enhanced impact on an issue that has significant implications for the lives of others — makes all the difference.



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