Helping journalists, producers and conference planners find the female guests, speakers and expert sources they need.

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  • Responsible journalism is fundamental to democracy

  • The news media help to define issues, influence opinions and shape public policy

  • The sources quoted and featured have greater influence than other people

  • Research makes clear that including women’s perspectives in decision-making enriches understanding and increases impact, making organizations more accountable and effective

  • Qualified women with diverse backgrounds exist in virtually every field

  • Informed Opinions’ online database makes those willing and able to comment easy to find

  • Leading journalists and news organizations that already actively track the gender ratio and diversity of their sources experience stronger audience engagement as a result

  • What gets measured gets managed*, and this kind of monitoring will increase the contribution made by women and other under-represented groups to public conversations in Canada, which will benefit from their uniquely informed insights and analysis…

I pledge to track the gender ratio of my sources in a bid to better represent a diversity of perspectives through my journalism.

* The Atlantic’s Ed Yong calls his own tracking spreadsheet “a vaccine against self-delusion.” Although he covers science, since he began tracking his sources, he has been able to achieve a 50:50 gender balance. He estimates that doing so required an investment of approximately one additional hour per week.