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Tracie O. Afifi

Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

Dr. Afifi's research interests are in the areas of child maltreatment and problem gambling.

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Dr. Afifi has developed two primary research interests in the areas of child maltreatment (including child abuse, neglect, physical punishment, and exposure to intimate partner violence) and problem gambling. She has used population-based data from Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands to investigate mental and physical health correlates of both family violence and problem gambling. Dr. Afifi has published over 75 peer-reviewed journal publications and presented research findings in over 90 national and international conference proceedings. Dr. Afifi has participated in over 100 media interviews for print, radio, television, and social media resulting in over 1,500 known worldwide news stories. With regard to child maltreatment, Dr. Afifi is interested in studying mental and physical health correlates of physical punishment, protective factors related to resilience following child maltreatment, and effective child maltreatment interventions. In the area of problem gambling, Dr. Afifi is interested in studying gender differences related to problem gambling, the incidence of problem gambling and trends over time, the impact of parental gambling problems on children, and the relationship between family violence and problem gambling.


  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Problem Gambling
  • Physical Punishment
  • Community Affairs
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Maltreatment


  • University of Manitoba
    Community Health Sciences
    Ph.D., 2009

    Dissertation: problem gambling among women in Canada.

  • University of Manitoba
    M.Sc., 2003

    Thesis: focused on the relationship between child physical abuse and adolescent motherhood.

  • University of Manitoba
    B.Sc., 1999