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Ruth Sirman

Organizational Conflict Consultant / Internationally Certified Mediator, CanMediate International

Ruth Sirman is an internationally certified mediator, scientist, consultant, speaker and trainer who uses her combined expertise to help decipher and resolve the underlying causes of conflict and dysfunction in workplaces and organizations.


Workplace Bullying - Ottawa Morning A Channel

Ruth Sirman, Mediation Specialist, discusses workplace bullying on A Channel Morning - Ottawa ON Canada

Rogers Daytime - Bullying in the workplace

Workplace Conflict Resolution Expert Ruth Sirman discusses workplace bullying on Rogers Daytime Ottawa.

Understanding Conflict and Difficult People - Ruth Sirman, CanMediate interview

CanMediate's Ruth Sirman discusses how to analyse and understand conflict, difficult people and the I'm OK It's Everyone Else Who Needs Help! course on Rogers Daytime Ottawa.

Rogers Daytime - Toxic Workplaces

Interpersonal Conflict - I'm OK - It's everyone else who needs help - Roger's Daytime Ottawa

Ruth Sirman of CanMeditate International discusses understanding what goes on behind the scenes in conflict and way to resolve it on Roger's Daytime Ottawa, She also talks about the acclaimed one-day conflict management and diagnostics course "I'm OK - It's everyone else who needs help."

Got Conflict? - Ruth Sirman, CanMediate International can help!

Derek Fage and TL Rader of Roger's Daytime Ottawa share their experience working with Ruth Sirman, CanMediate International

CBC - The CurrentRadio/Podcast


Ruth Sirman is interviewed by Julie Ireton, CBC Ottawa for the documentary on invisible disabilities in the workplace, the Duty to Accommodate that employers have and the pros and cons of disclosing the need for an accommodation to a potential or actual employer. This documentary aired on The Current 9 June 2014.


Ruth Sirman B.Sc., IMI Certified Mediator (International Mediation Institute) is also a scientist, trainer and speaker. Her premise is that a healthy organizational atmosphere characterized by professional working relationships, high productivity, and good morale contribute to flexible robust, productive, and profitable organizations that get the job done!

She uses her combined expertise to help clients understand what’s going on behind-the-scenes to avoid wasting time, energy and resources solving the WRONG problems – the obvious issues that are generally symptoms of the real issues.
Since 1992 she’s worked successfully with CEOs, executives, managers, employees, HR and Unions in 400+ complex mediations, Partnered Workplace Renewal Processes™ and more than 1000 training sessions in multicultural environments throughout Canada, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and the USA.

She is an in-demand speaker with a reputation for delivering content in ways that are practical, relevant and ‘sticky’. As a consultant / mediator she is known for her willingness to deal with tough issues and her ability to overcome participants’ reluctance, hesitation and concerns about engaging in the processes she conducts.

She belongs to the International Mediation Institute, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, the Global Speakers Federation, Mediators Beyond Borders Inc and The International Executive Association.


  • mediator
  • organizational culture
  • poisoned work environment
  • toxic relationships
  • group conflict
  • workplace restoration
  • organizational conflict
  • dysfunctional group
  • human interactions


  • International Mediation Institute
    Advanced Mediation
    International Mediator Certification, 2016

    This is the global mediation certification that is currently held by approximately 500 people around the world. There are less than 50 mediators in Canada who hold this certification at this time.

  • Leonard Institute
    Mediation and Organizational Conflict
    Master's Certificate, 1998
  • Carleton University
    Environmental Biology, Chemistry and Geography
    B.Sc. Integrated Science, 1977

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