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Change Management, Diversity & Leadership Consultant, Glendalynn Dixon Professional Services

Women in technology, immigrant talent, data technology, data and diversity, data governance, operations and management, startups


What's Up London - Change Management & Carpe Diem Book Launch

Rogers TV, April 29, 2019Television


This interview explores how I guide organizations through technology changes, by focusing on their people, as well as allowing me to share my story from the bestselling anthology Carpe Diem.

Glendalynn Dixon - 12 Minute Convos

12 Minute Convos with Engel Jones, May 1, 2019Radio/Podcast


4 Steps for Small Business to Get It Right

Business London Magazine, October 3, 2019Print


Small businesses don't have the resources of big organizations but they can still achieve success in D&I initiatives through intent and a little creativity.

Experienced Candidates Need Not Apply

Business London Magazine, June 4, 2019Print


Ageism in the workplace and its disastrous results on youth-centric business models.

Sexism Exists - Even in Your Woke Workplace

Business London Magazine, February 7, 2019Print


Sexism operates under the surface. Gender balanced policies often require self-reporting. Well-meaning but poorly implemented 'woke' initiatives have driven gender-based discrimination into harder to see corners of the workplace.

Why Diversity Matters

Business London Magazine, July 6, 2018Print


As diversity advocates, we often fail the communities we serve by shaming businesses instead of understanding their real concerns towards fostering successful inclusion. This is the first in a series of articles dedicated to addressing those concerns, sifting through the legitimate vs the bigoted and shining a light on where we need to improve as promoters of D&I.
See page 10.

When Cultural Fit Hides Bias

, February 14, 2018Online


The unintended consequences of hiring candidates based on cultural fit -- unchecked discrimination.

Carpe Diem; Reclaim Your Dream, Ignite Your Passion, Live Your Purpose
by Glendalynn Dixon, Paula Morand
Dream Big Be Bold Media
March 18, 2019

In this Amazon best-selling book, Carpe Diem offers a collection of inspiring stories from 24 professionals and entrepreneurs who each share from their own perspectives of how they seize the day and live life on purpose.


Driven by curiosity, bestselling author, professor and consultant Glendalynn Dixon asks questions most people are afraid to.
With more than 15 years of leadership experience in technology, she is the first to admit she learned things the hard way.
Her fearless and candid style helps organizations break through barriers, enabling successful business transformation through vulnerability and authenticity. Dixon shares her leadership, diversity and technology strategies as a columnist, freelance writer, and dynamic speaker.


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