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Rachel Vincent

Co-Executive Director, Nobel Women's Initiative

Global women's rights; sexual violence in conflict; global funding for women's organizations; women, peace and security; human rights; Latin America human rights; peace building



Rachel Vincent has been with Nobel Women’s Initiative since 2008. She has led the organization in its work with grassroots women organizations and movements in Latin America, and has led fact-finding delegations to the region. Vincent started her career as a radio journalist, working for six years in Canada, the US and Mexico, including hosting an afternoon radio program in Mexico City. She left journalism to be the head of communications for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, a tri-governmental organization created by the North American Free Trade Agreement and based in Montreal. For the last 18 years, Vincent has turned her in-depth understanding of advocacy and media towards advising non-governmental organizations and social justice activists on how to communicate their messages most effectively to governments and media. She speaks and writes regularly about women’s rights, and is the editor of When We Are Bold: Women Who Turn Our Upsidedown World Right, published in September 2016.


  • Global women's rights
  • Sexual violence in conflict
  • Global funding for women's organizations
  • Women, peace and security
  • Human rights
  • Latin America human rights
  • Peace building

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