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Helen Hirsh Spence

Founder/CEO, T60 Strategies (Top Sixty Over Sixty)

Founder and CEO, T60 Strategies (Top Sixty Over Sixty)


EntreNous (French)

Rogers TV, May 8, 2018Television


Watch interview with Helen Hirsh Spence and host Catherine Marion as they discuss ageing today.

Ottawa Experts (English)

Rogers TV, December 13, 2018Television


Top Sixty Over Sixty Founder and CEO, Helen Hirsh Spence and new jewelry artisan/entrepreneur, Vicki Jasperse were featured on Rogers TV show, Ottawa Experts. Helen and Vicki explored the changing nature of ageing, its implications for the future of work and answered questions from callers.

CTV Ottawa Interview

CTV, February 1, 2018Television


Watch a CTV interview with Helen Spence, Debra Yearwood, Michael Oster and CTV Ottawa host, Leanne Cusack as they discuss the Top 60 Over 60

Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation/ and Ryerson University, January 22, 2019Radio/Podcast


Empowering older workers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

Let's change the narrative

Ottawa Citizen, March 29, 2019Print


The article deals with the prevailing narrative about ageing and the need to change it.

The (Old) Elephant in the room: value of older workers ignored

Toronto Star, November 20, 2019Print


Diversity and Inclusion don't only reference gender, ethnicity, able-ism, etc., Interestingly, however, age is never included. It's time we all woke up to the reality of a shifting demographic and a necessary change in mindset in order to take advantage of the potential of older adults if we want Canada's economy to prosper.

Older adults could be our ticket to prosperity after the pandemic

Ottawa CitizenOnline


I continue to marvel at how very blind we, as a society, are to ageism. Doesn’t anyone else notice that when there’s a cry for help in a crisis, we turn to the older, often retired professionals to lend a helping hand?

Impact of the ReSet Program on Internalized Feelings of Ageism

by Helen Hirsh Spence, Debra Yearwood, Celine Delacroix, Anastasia Stasi

Published by Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation and Ryerson University

September 28, 2018

Internalized ageism has been identified as a powerful determinant of well-being for older adults. This project was intended to better understand how internalized ageism impacts the entrepreneurial mindset of Canadians over 55. Canadians aged 55 and older account for a growing portion of the working age population, amounting to 36% in 2016 (Statistics Canada, 2017). By 2026, 4 in 10 working-age Canadians could be aged over 55 (Statistics Canada, 2017). The rate of participation of this population group in the labour market will
therefore gain an increasingly important role for our economy. However, it is well documented that
this group is confronted with a number of obstacles for its participation in the labour market.
Ageism is one of these



Helen Hirsh Spence is the Founder/CEO of T60 Strategies (Top Sixty Over Sixty). Her focus on maximizing every individual’s potential is consistent with her 35 years in public and private education as leader and CEO. As an activist against ageism, her social enterprise advises businesses and organizations on how to attract and retain a diversely aged workforce and avoid age-bias in branding and communications. Her formal education spans several countries with a B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed and numerous certifications upgrading her skills in social entrepreneurship, psychometrics, intercultural sensitivity and leadership. Numerous awards achieved over the decades highlight her excellence as a leader and her ability to create new alliances and partnerships to benefit society. Her voluntary work as Chair of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, CESO, IWF Canada, one of the Founders of Women for Mental Health and numerous local charities has provided her with a wealth of leadership experience in governance.


Isis Officer Ethno-cultural Equity Award of Excellence | Professional

This inaugural award acknowledges the success of A.Y. Jackson Secondary's leadership in embracing a multi-cultural approach to education.

Engineers of Ontario Recognition | Professional

In recognition of being a pioneer in bringing the Engineer-in-Residence Program to both secondary and elementary schools across the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Honorary Life Membership, Ontario Principals' Council | Professional

For outstanding contributions to the founding of and commitment to the Ontario Principals' Council as well as to public education in Ontario

Diversity 50 Winner | Professional

Selected by the Canadian Board Diversity Council as a diverse, qualified candidate for corporate board of director appointments

Additional Titles and Affiliations

Aging and Social Change Research Network

This is a forum for discussion of challenges and opportunities for a rapidly growing segment of the population

Informed Opinions

Promote the voice of women in the media.

WorkAlliance/ Old School

US activist, Ashton Applewhite's, Old School Clearinghouse dedicated to resources to advocate for work opportunites for older adults.

Pass It On

International Network to promote active and productive ageing


Network to advocate for older adults in US

Emergenetics International

Certified Associate in administering and analyzing psychometric profiles for organizations, companies and individuals.

Research Grants

Ontario Centre of Workforce Innovation and Ryerson University.

Organization: Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities
Date: August 31, 2018


Support for development of program (ReSet) to assess the extent to which internalized ageism impacts the entrepreneurial mindset of older adults.


  • Transitioning to encore careers
  • Ageism, Age Diversity and Inclusion,
  • Building strong inter-generational teams
  • Training/ professional development/ upskilling
  • Reciprocal Mentorship


  • Government of Canada, Global Affairs
    Intercultural Sensitivity Training
  • Emergenetics International
  • University of Ottawa
    Education Administration
    M. ED
  • University of Ottawa
    Secondary Education
    B. Ed, OCT
  • Dickinson College
    French and Spanish
    B.A. Cum Laude

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