Jessica Fan

Systems Change Consultant, Reos Partners

Systems change, entrepreneurship, startup, social innovation, service design, technology, user experience, design thinking, collaboration


Musings of a Hungry Creative

Talk at BLND 2017 (Business and Design Conference hosted by the University of Waterloo).


Where can I go with a degree in design? How can I make a meaningful impact? What should I do with my life?

If you're asking these questions as you prepare for life after graduation, you're not alone. Jessica Fan began her career over 5 years ago and has since been on a wild path of exploration and self-discovery. As an in-house designer, consultant, and award-winning serial entrepreneur, she has travelled the world solving challenges in fields ranging from sustainable agriculture, financial services, to education reform.


Jessica Fan is an innovation specialist and experience designer, recognized as one of Canada's next high impact entrepreneurs. She is a systems change consultant at Reos Partners, and co-founder of the innovation consultancy Journey CX. Fan seeks to solve systemic challenges through organizational culture change, lean start-up methodologies, and human-centred design. In recent years, she has worked within leading-edge organizations including Google and Adaptive Path. Fan founded Penyo Pal and SnapLingo - two language technology companies with a total of 1+ million users in Canada, US, and China. Through her work in industries ranging from financial services, sustainable agriculture, to consumer technology, she has expertise in customer experience design, data-driven innovation, and entrepreneurship. Fan has worked with clients including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ebay, RBC, CIBC, Tsinghua University, and Engineers Without Borders. She studied business, user experience design, and biomedical chemical engineering.


  • Systems change
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Startup
  • Social innovation
  • Service design
  • Technology
  • User experience
  • Design thinking
  • Collaboration