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Hanna Zaidi

Co-founder, CommuniHelp

Civic technology, data visualization, labour economics, future of work, public policy, regulatory strategy



Hanna Zaidi has a BA from York University and a Master in Public Policy from the University of Toronto. She has experienced working as an economist, policy advisor, and consultant. Zaidi has a broad range of work experience that has given her the necessary skills and contacts to operationalize CommuniHelp. She has led the global regulatory strategy for RBC I&TS and has advised the Government of Ontario on youth employment trends and skills retraining for the future of work. Additionally, she is currently a Data Visualization instructor at the University of Toronto and a Digital Strategy Advisor for the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, advising on ICC Digital Transformation strategy.


  • Civic technology
  • Data visualization
  • Labour economics
  • Future of work
  • Public policy
  • Regulatory strategy

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