Farheen Khan

Principal Consultant, FSK & Associates

Violence against women, gender based violence, religious abuse, honour based violence, gender equality, gendered Islamophobia


‘I was terrified’: Farheen Khan says she was attacked just after 9/11 because she is Muslim

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Farheen Khan is a seasoned non-profit professional with more than 20 years of experience in the anti-violence and anti-poverty sectors on a local and national level. Khan is an author, the Muslim Chaplain at Trent University, and previously campaigned in the Federal election as an MP candidate in 2015. She has grown well-versed in communicating with media and government officials, as well as having a strong network of supporters who closely follow her work around the country.

Khan serves as the Principal Consultant and Lead for her company, FSK & Associates Inc. She is a gifted storyteller in addition to being an author, former television host (Azeeza Show), and continuous media advocate on issues of gender-based violence, Islamophobia, equity, and civil and human rights.

She is also the founder of Canada's first and only Women's Mosque, which is now ranked fifth in the world and operates on a women-run, women-led paradigm. In 2016, Khan was awarded the J.S. Woodworth Award for Human Rights and Equity and is widely regarded as an advocate and ally for marginalized communities.


  • Violence against women
  • Gender based violence
  • Religious abuse
  • Honour based violence
  • Gender equality
  • Gendered Islamophobia
  • Domestic violence