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Dr. Annmarie Adams

Professor, McGill University

Architecture, Architecture and gender, Architecture and health, Housing history, Material culture, Architecture vernacular, Architecture and Montreal, Architecture and hospitals



Dr. Annmarie Adams is jointly appointed in the School of Architecture and the Faculty of Medicine. She holds the Stevenson Chair in the History and Philosophy of Science, including Medicine. She is currently Chair of the Department of Social Studies of Medicine in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine.

Adams has written, co-written, and co-edited five books, including Architecture in the Family Way: Doctors, Houses, and Women, 1870-1900 (McGill-Queens University Press, 1996), Medicine by Design: The Architect and the Modern Hospital, 1893-1943 (University of Minnesota Press, 2008), Designing Women: Gender and the Architectural Profession (University of Toronto Press, 2000), with sociologist Peta Tancred, and two volumes of Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture.

Focusing on the cultural landscapes of houses and hospitals, she is particularly interested in the intersections of architecture and medicine. She is currently working on a spatial biography of physician Maude Abbott, an overview of surgical environments, a study of Wilder Penfield’s architectural aspirations, and a critical study on Scottish-born architect Ramsay Traquair.


  • Architecture
  • Architecture and gender
  • Architecture and health
  • Housing history
  • Material culture
  • Architecture vernacular
  • Architecture and Montreal
  • Architecture and hospitals

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