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Victoria Shroff

Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public in British Columbia, Shroff & Associates, Adjunct Law Professor (part time), University of British Columbia

Animal law, Service animals, Animals in the workplace, Pet liability, Marital dissolution and pet custody, Pets as property, Animal protection, Guide dogs, Lab animals, Animals in science, Animals for food, Animals in experiments, Animal dentistry, Animal ethics


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Victoria Shroff is owner of Shroff & Associates, Barristers and Solicitors, Notaries in B.C. Shroff is credited for being one of the longest-serving animal law practitioners in Canada. Passionate in this unique practice of law, Shroff focuses on all things animal law, including animals in legislation, pet liability and custody, pets in transportation, future animal law trends and animals in the lab and workplace. With over 18 years of continuous practice, she is adjunct Professor at UBC law school and has been featured prominently in the media – from the CBC to Global – about pet custody and pet insurance. Shroff has lectured on animal law in Canada, the USA, and Asia to help foster an international animal law community. She also mentors law students and gives lectures to elementary school students and the Scouts about animal law. Currently, Shroff is trying to spearhead a unique program in schools that she calls 'Paws of Empathy' which would have animals coming into classrooms to teach children about empathy and raise awareness about animal welfare.


Canadian Lawyer Top 25 | Professional

nominated For Canadian 2018 - Lawyer Magazine's Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers 2018 in the Changemakers category


  • Animal law
  • Service animals
  • Animals in the workplace
  • Pet liability
  • Marital dissolution and pet custody
  • Pets as property
  • Animal protection
  • Guide dogs
  • Lab animals
  • Animals in science
  • Animals for food
  • Animals in experiments
  • Animal dentistry
  • Animal ethics

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