Dr. Nipa Banerjee

Senior fellow and adjunct professor, School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa

Afghanistan, Asian history, Democracy and democratization, Development, Economic development, Food security, Foreign aid, Globalization, India, International development, International development and globalization, International political economy, International projects, International relations, Operations/project management, Performance measurement, Performance measures, Political economy, Rural development, Social change, Social policy, Southeast Asia, Sustainable development, Women and development


Feminism isn’t easily exportable into other countries — Nipa Banerjee

This week on Perspective with Alison Smith: Afghanistan's deadly reality and the prospects for peace
Nipa Banerjee, senior fellow at the University of Ottawa's School of International Development and Global Studies, speaks about the role Canada has played in Afghanistan, both in terms of military and development assistance.

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Nipa Banerjee is a PhD and Senior Fellow at the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa. She joined the University of Ottawa in July of 2007, teaching international development. Having earned her Doctorate and Master's degrees, specializing in development studies, from Toronto, Carleton, and McMaster Universities, she served as a practitioner and policy analyst in international development and foreign aid for over 35 years. Banerjee has worked with CUSO, IDRC and CIDA -representing CIDA in Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Afghanistan, heading Canada's aid program in the four latter countries. Her research interests and sectoral specializations include foreign aid- policies, practical ramifications of policy application and impact; development and aid effectiveness; policies, programming for reconstruction and development and, impact in post conflict and conflict affected countries, in general, with a special focus on Afghanistan, where she travels frequently.


  • Afghanistan
  • Asian history
  • Democracy and democratization
  • Development
  • Economic development
  • Food security
  • Foreign aid
  • Globalization
  • India
  • International development
  • International development and globalization
  • International political economy
  • International projects
  • International relations
  • Operations/project management
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance measures
  • Political economy
  • Rural development
  • Social change
  • Social policy
  • Southeast Asia
  • Sustainable development
  • Women and development