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Murwarid Ziayee

Senior Director, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan

Women and girls education in Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Education for men in Afghanistan, Marginalized women and girls, Needs of Afghan women and girls, Women's participation, Public engagement



Murwarid Ziayee is Senior Director for CW4WAfghan responsible for the human resources, program management, monitoring and evaluation of CW4WAfghan's programs. Ziayee has a BA in Political Science and Law from Kabul University. She has worked for the United Nations and a number of non-profit organizations throughout her career. She is a leader and advocate for women’s rights in her country.


  • Women and girls education in Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Education for men in Afghanistan
  • Marginalized women and girls
  • Needs of Afghan women and girls
  • Women's participation
  • Public engagement

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