An Indigenous lawyer and public policy professional with a special interest in the energy industry. Naomi Sayers

Indigenous feminist and lawyer, 

Energy industry's impact on communities, Energy industry, Indigenous women in politics, Human trafficking, Indigenous law, Canadian politics



Naomi Sayers is a recognized Indigenous leader who engages in advocacy at a global scale. Called to the Ontario Bar in June 2018, she has primarily a public law practice with a focus on Indigenous law, administrative, criminal & corporate law. She previously worked in-house at Hydro One. She is also the kwe behind Kwe Today, a regularly cited blog around the world, and an expert on issues affecting Indigenous women and girls especially those in the sex trade or being exploited. Sayers is a recognized Indigenous leader, combining conventional legal education with lived experience to help others bring about transformative change to their own project or organization. She is a member of Canadian Bar Association's Aboriginal Law section executive and the Ontario Bar Association's Aboriginal Law section executive.


  • Canadian politics
  • Indigenous law
  • Human trafficking
  • Indigenous women in politics
  • Energy industry
  • Energy industry's impact on communities