Julie Branscombe

Senior Inclusion & Diversity Lead, TD Bank

Women in Leadership, Neurodiversities, People with disabilities, Inclusion, Accessibility



Julie Branscombe's TD career began 18 years ago in Corporate and Public Affairs as a speech writer to TD’s senior executive team. Since then she has held progressively senior roles focused on employee and customer experience, marketing and communication within several business lines. Because she has found a way to align her life’s purpose with her day job, she now leads TD’s North American Inclusion & Diversity strategy, mandate and support team. She is frequently called upon to share her very candid insights about making TD a unique, inclusive, and accessible culture for employees and customers with disabilities, as well as advancing women and girls (both at TD and around the world). She is also a certified coach who dedicates time to supporting employees with disabilities with their career development goals.


  • Women in Leadership
  • Neurodiversities
  • People with disabilities
  • Inclusion
  • Accessibility