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Dr. Amanda Bittner

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Memorial University

Politics, Political parties, Political party leaders, Political party candidates, Elections, Political psychology, Public opinion and voting, Women and politics


How sex and gender influence how we vote

The Conversation, November 13, 2018Online


Leading up to the recent midterm elections in the United States, pundits predicted women voters and candidates would alter the race.

There were, in fact, historic changes as more women than ever gained seats in U.S. Congress, breaking the 100-seat barrier. The winners included two Muslim women and two Native American women, both historic firsts.


Amanda Bittner is Associate Professor & Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Political Science at Memorial University in Canada. She also directs the Gender and Politics Lab at Memorial.

Bittner studies public opinion and voting behavior, and her main research interests include the role of party leaders and candidates in the minds of voters; the role of gender in public opinion and voting; and issues of measurement in survey research, in both Canadian and Comparative contexts.


  • Politics
  • Political parties
  • Political party leaders
  • Political party candidates
  • Elections
  • Political psychology
  • Public opinion and voting
  • Women and politics

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