Dr. Tara Kiran

Family Physician; Vice Chair Quality and Innovation, St. Michael's Hospital Academic Family Health Team; University of Toronto

Family Medicine, Primary Care, Health Policy, Healthcare Quality, Improvement of Care


ICES research video series: Tara Kiran on barriers to primary care reform for vulnerable patients

A new study from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) has shown that one in six patients in Ontario does not belong to an organized primary care practice. Led by Dr. Tara Kiran of ICES and St Michael's Hospital, the study also shows that these patients receive lower quality care and are more likely to be poor, to be urban dwellers and new immigrants. Read the study abstract at http://www.ices.on.ca/Publications/Jo...

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Dr. Tara Kiran is a family doctor and researcher in Toronto. Her research has studied how physician payment and organization influence quality in primary care. She also does research to improve the quality of care in family practice, for example, to improve cancer screening rates and reduce care gaps between rich and poor.


  • Family Medicine
  • Primary Care
  • Health Policy
  • Healthcare Quality
  • Improvement of Care