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Kelly Cooper

Founder and President, Centre for Social Intelligence

Gender equity, Change management, Shifting workplace culture, Gender audits, Gender strategy, Public policy and analysis


Gender Equity in Canada's Forest Sector

The Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut forestier du Canada (CIF-IFC), in collaboration with the Centre for Social Intelligence, is pleased to announce an initiative to promote gender equity in the forest sector

The benefits of gender equality in forestry for men

Op-ed: Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture


Kelly Cooper is the founder and president of the Centre for Social Intelligence. She is a dynamic leader, strategic thinker, and is driven to make ideas come to fruition. She is uses the development of national sectoral action plans; gender gap audit assessments, and gender leadership training to create gender equity in the workplace.


  • Gender equity
  • Change management
  • Shifting workplace culture
  • Gender audits
  • Gender strategy
  • Public policy and analysis

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