Osire Glacier

Professor, History and Global Studies/ Religion, Bishop's University

History, History of Women, Human Rights, Human Rights in Morocco, Human Rights in the Arab world, Political Science, Cultural Rights, Religious Rights and Freedoms



Born in Agadir in the 1960s, Osire Glacier (Hadouche) lived in Morocco until she was 17 years old. After a few years in France and the United States, she moved to Quebec to do a master's degree at Laval University, then a doctorate at McGill University. Glacier is a specialist in the history of women and human rights in Morocco and the Arab world. She is a lecturer and professor of history and political science at Bishop's University in Sherbrooke. Through her work and research, she contributes to the knowledge of the Maghreb and to foster dialogue in Quebec.


  • History
  • History of Women
  • Human Rights
  • Human Rights in Morocco
  • Human Rights in the Arab world
  • Political Science
  • Cultural Rights
  • Religious Rights and Freedoms